Tom Flemming and Barbara Ciuffa provide Divorce and Family Mediation Services
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Tom Flemming and Barbara Ciuffa are co-mediators, based in Kalamazoo, who help divorcing couples in the State of Michigan.
Tom Flemming, M.A. a licensed professional counselor, former educator and graduate of Central Michigan University, has practiced private divorce mediation in Kalamazoo County since 1983, and now serves as the Director of Coping with Divorce (go to the "Community Support Group" page).
Barbara J. P. Ciuffa, a local attorney and educator, is licensed in Michigan and New York and has been admitted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court. She has been practicing law since 1984. She graduated from Alfred University, received an M.S. from Hofstra University and a J.D. from Syracuse University.  In addition to mediation Barbara is a Child Welfare Law Specialist in the Kalamazoo County Family Court.  She also represents Social Security Disability claimants and does general civil court litigation.
Tom and Barbara are both certified mediators. Tom has been divorced. Barbara has been married for 42 years. They each have children. They understand the need for, and provide, a confidential, relaxed, low pressure atmosphere in which to resolve difficult divorce issues.
Working together, these professionals bring experience, diversity and balance to the mediation session.
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