Tom Flemming and Barbara Ciuffa provide Divorce and Family Mediation Services
How Divorce and Family Mediation works
Divorce & Family Mediation has been providing private divorce mediation since 1983.
Mediation takes place in a private, neutral setting. Both spouses and both Mediators, Tom Flemming and Colleen VanSickle, are present.
With us, mediation will take at least two sessions to reach agreement on all issues and prepare all the required paperwork to complete your divorce.
Sessions usually run one to two hours and cost $360 per hour. Sometimes it takes less time and occasionally it takes more time. We are also available to meet at other times as needed.
In addition to the Mediation sessions, you will also have to make one short court appearance to finalize your divorce. The appearance is a formality. You will have been provided all paperwork which will have been approved by the courts. You will be given a script.
Private Mediation is not available through Divorce & Family Mediation when there is domestic physical violence.
In the first session, all issues: custody, visitation, parenting, retirement, investments, assets and property are discussed. You will receive a completed set of documents to file for your divorce.
After the statutory waiting period of two months (without children) or six months (with children), a second mediation session is held. At this meeting all details necessary to finalize your divorce are addressed.
Private Mediation is done on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. There are no retainers or hidden charges. Payment is due at the time of each meeting.
Private Mediation is neutral. We do not represent either party. We require full disclosure and seek an equitable solution that is achieved through cooperation.
Private Mediation is an excellent way to economically negotiate your divorce. The process of guided, cooperative negotiation is personally empowering.
If you need more information, please call us at (269) 324-0003.
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