Tom Flemming and Barbara Ciuffa provide Divorce and Family Mediation Services
Frequently asked questions about Divorce and Family Mediation services
Why mediation?
Mediation allows decisions about the restructured family to be made by the couple instead of by the court. Through cooperative private mediation, couples can resolve divorce issues together: privately, respectfully, cooperatively. It is also very cost-effective.
When is private mediation appropriate?
Any time a couple wants to settle their divorce in a respectful and cost effective way, and the situation is not physically abusive.
What about attorneys?
Each spouse should consult an attorney if they want legal advice. Mediators are neutral. They help resolve issues. They do not represent either party. Attorneys must advocate zealously for their own client.
How do private and court ordered mediation differ?
Private mediation is confidential. The couple works with the co-mediators to settle all issues. Divorce and Family Mediation meets in a private setting and scheduling is flexible.
Court ordered mediation is not confidential.  Attorneys and the mediator try to settle property issues as well as any parenting time, custody, or child support issues. Court ordered mediation is held in the courthouse during business hours. If the mediation is not successful, Friend of the Court, reports to the court and makes recommendations. The Judge (not the couple and not their attorneys) makes the final decision.
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