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Life after divorce.
Coping with Divorce::
The well known Coping with Divorce seminar is designed to help meet the needs of those individuals going through divorce or the loss of a significant other. Informative sessions on topics of utmost importance to the separated, divorced or widowed person are presented by helpful professionals from different community areas.
At the end of each session they select a bar/resturant to socialize and get to know each other better.

 Topics covered in the 9-week seminar include:
Letting go of the Past
Facing Reality
Principle Negotiating Skills
Coping with Loneliness
Children and Parenting Issues
Assuming Responsibility for Yourself
Growing through Divorce
Pitfalls of Relationships
Adjusting to Single Living
Hundreds have attended and graduated from Coping with Divorce, but each seminar is designed to meet the individual needs of participants. The Registration fee is $100 and includes all materials and refreshments. Each seminar is limited to 60 people. Limited scholarships are available.

    How to survive a divorce:

No sex with Ex, and don't give advice unless asked.

Keep contacts, few, brief, polite, for business, for parenting.

Don't ask for favors. Expect little from Ex. Take responsibility for yourself.
Use reason and be open to reason. Yield only to principle, not pressure.  Direct your anger at the behavior not your Ex.
Never arrive at Ex's unexpectedly, late, or intoxicated.
Don't speak badly of Ex near kids. Or make kids messengers, spies, or let them manipulate you.
Pay all dues and supports in full on time.
Visitation is for the kids! Help them feel secure, loved and good about themselves.
Take care of your mind, body and spirit. If you need help - get it! Don't go it alone.
Healing takes time. Love yourself. Love your kids. Spend time with people who care about you.

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